ERP solutions & support

We have an extensive understanding of ERP software implementation, integrations and customization to empower on the platforms which can fit unique business objectives. The experienced team at Tihalt utilizes the ERP software features including Epicor, SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Deltek, Oracle, Macola and more.

  • ERP implementation- At Tihalt, we successfully implement custom servers, networks, security and data solutions throughout the enterprise with data integration. In addition, we also consider the minimal downtime and our team introduces the latest platform to the business for a smooth experience.
  • Seamless data migration- The experienced professionals of our platform are skilled to update the legacy systems in order to ensure the data integrity while migrating the data and integrating raw data silos. Further, it includes modernizing data infrastructure, exposing the landscape of data in order to achieve the benefits of modeling, efficiency from data migration process and stable data governance.
  • Custom ERP development- We create custom functions for ERP software in order to meet the unique requirements of the business model. We also conduct easy automation of the workflow, Business protocol automation, integrating data imports, exports, solution modification and extensive the custom module in order to create seamless business functions.
  • Effective integration services- Using the centralized business architecture for the integration of the business environment, we ensure the scalability of your objective and facilitate real-time data automation among all the systems.
  • ERP system configuration- We configure the software with their unique roles, fields, business intelligence, modifications, enhancement of reliable interfaces along with specific fields and so on.

    We have served a large number of organizations, startups and service providers in multiple domains including Home or industrial automation, networking, retail, consumer electronics, automotive and many more. We also deliver exceptional software development services to enrich the customer experience and enhance the productivity of our business. Our actionable insights with software development solutions are leveraging the integrated sector in the field of cloud computing, data engineering, IoT, DevOps, machine learning, etc. Offering a domain of user-centric solutions, we apply a variety of functional expertise and method and skills in our software solutions.

    • Discuss and analyze- We understand every aspect of software development services and analyze them accordingly.
    • Development and testing- We create solutions with the help of the latest and highly proven technologies in order to enhance the performance and usability of the solution.
    • Project delivery- We monitor our solution and keep a close eye on their performance.
    • Continuous evolution- FB application development solution has a span of its effectiveness and evolves the useful dynamics in real-time.