What is static website?

A static website is the most basic form of website and consists of web pages with predetermined content. The best website Development Company in Chennai, Each page is HTML-coded and presents the identical information to every user.

Examples of static web pages include a company website about us page, mission, vision, and so on.

Static websites have changed over time, and you may now include features like user accounts and comments. The distinction is that the login information will be kept in a third-party app or external database. As a result, the server on your website will not exchange data with the user. You rely on a third party to keep track of these data or remarks.

Static Website Features

Security: Because there is no intermediary, such as a database, the possibility of code injection is decreased for a static website. To host the website, no plugins or dynamic software tools are required. Because a static website does not use a database, the risk of code injection is low.

Because static websites do not rely on CMS plugins and dynamic software to host them, they are a safer option than dynamic ones in terms of security. APIs and JavaScript are utilised to manage the dynamic functionalities of static websites, which eliminates the possibility of hacking. Active websites, on the other hand, are extremely vulnerable to hacking owing to the presence of various content sources and plugins. Static websites are the simplest kind of website that you can build; we build the best static website design in Chennai.

Unless you change the source code of a page, every visitor will see the same text, multimedia design, or video every time he or she visits the website.

HTML and CSS are used to create static webpages.

Reliability: When accessing the internet, you may see a notice stating, “The connection could not be established.” This is largely due to a database mistake.

You’ve probably seen an error message that says, ‘The connection could not be created.’ This is caused largely by database problems. Serving only simple HTML files allows them to be easily hosted elsewhere, such as on a CDN.

Speed: The lack of a database decreases the time it takes to load a page. A static site loads 10 times faster than a dynamic site created using a CMS. A static website can also be delivered from the node nearest to the browser, which makes it perform quicker.

Hosting and Cost: Because static websites often use basic HTML files that take up less space, the cost of hosting is lower in comparison. Because static websites use simple HTML files that take up less space than dynamic websites, they are less expensive to host. Organizations using static websites save money and put those savings towards integrating Git or automatic builds to reflect the most recent changes in the system.

Scalability: When a website is online, processing large amounts of traffic on a dynamic website may be a time-consuming process since it necessitates a large amount of code running in the database. A simple static website using HTML files, on the other hand, may easily be extended by simply increasing bandwidth.

What to do when your website is finally up and running? Handling massive traffic on a dynamic website might be a cumbersome process as it requires complex code playing on the server. Basic static websites with HTML files can be easily scaled up by just increasing the bandwidth.

Havro It Solution is the best web development company in Chennai; a static website is made up of no more than three elements. These three elements are a.html file, a.css file, and a.js file, though the latter two are optional. Unless the website owner makes a modification, the “pre-written” code (the combination of three preceding files) is always the same for every user. The user’s activities or choices have no bearing on the initial code.

Examples of Static Websites

A straightforward blog

Page for upkeep

A website for an insurance company

A website dedicated to camping.

Status of Forms

Disaster page

The majority of static websites employ many Templating languages, which is an important component of creating a layout theme in our static website.

Static Site Generators are widely used all over the world. Furthermore, there are practically hundreds of static website generators in use.

Static website generators employ many lightweight mark-up languages, making it easy to generate any material using professional editors. Markdown, AsciiDoc, and other mark-up languages are examples.

The developer provides numerous command lines for static website generators to go through. Adding a GUI to these website generators has gotten increasingly difficult, even though it operates via multiple commands. Example: Command prompt (Terminal)

Advantages of a Static Website    

1.) The site loads faster since the code is already ready and “sitting” on the server. There is no need for a database.

2.) Easier to set up for a developer if the site does not have a large number of pages.

3.) You may receive a lot more traffic without your site collapsing. The coding is simpler, because internet users just connect to the server that holds the webpage once.

4.) A static website is more secure than a dynamic website since it does not employ a database. Hackers attempt to exploit the link between a website and a database.

5.) Results in fewer site errors. The most common cause of an error is a problem with the server’s database (on dynamic websites).

6.) Less expensive hosting requirements. Because the files containing code on a static website are more minimalistic, you require less storage and bandwidth to utilise. As a result, even if you have a lot of traffic, you will not require the same resources as a dynamic website. That means you’ll spend less, especially if your site is successful.


Static Websites are the greatest method to get started with a website in the simplest way possible. Many myths regarding static websites and how they function were dispelled. Static websites, on the other hand, are quite dynamic. Static websites are generally recommended for large projects in Havro It Solutions, so we are the best website development company in Chennai.The scripts required to launch static websites remain constant, and you may run them wherever you choose.